BRIckway Brewery


"I realized, I created emotion with the beer I made for everyone.

ZAC TRIEMERT, Brewer/Owner

Do you know Zac Triemert from Brickway Brewery & Distillery? If the answer is no, pull up a seat and watch this video. If the answer is yes, watch the video anyhow :-) He makes some great beers and whiskey. His Pilsner is one of my personal favorites.  We proudly serve Brickway Beers and Spirits at all of our Local locations!

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"They're all domestic, they're all made right here.

 JOHN FAHRER, Brewer/Owner 

If you don't know John Fahrer from Scriptown Brewing Company, here's a little video about why we love him and his beer! Stephanie Colby and I had a chance to talk to John and "sample" his product recently. Check it out and if you haven't been to his brewery, make some time and treat yourself - we proudly serve Scriptown!

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