Kinkaider Brewing Company

"I think its one of the best places to drink beer in the state."

CODY SCHMICK, Brewer/Owner

The fellas from Broken Bow make a mean beer! You need to get out there and check them out. We want to thank them for letting us bug them for a bit and pick their brains! Say hello to our man Dan The Wiser!

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BRIckway Brewery


"I realized, I created emotion with the beer I made for everyone.

ZAC TRIEMERT, Brewer/Owner

Do you know Zac Triemert from Brickway Brewery & Distillery? If the answer is no, pull up a seat and watch this video. If the answer is yes, watch the video anyhow. He makes some great beers and whiskey. His Pilsner is one of my personal favorites.

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"They're all domestic, they're all made right here.

 JOHN FAHRER, Brewer/Owner 

Local Beer and Patio owner Charlie Yin visits Scriptown Brewing Company to learn about their story. Located in Omaha's Blackstone District, Scriptown features award-winning craft beers in a beautifully restored historic building. Great vibe, great beers, great dudes.

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"I'm just a "home brewer" here in the hills.

 RON WORM, Brewer/Owner 

Bootleg Brewers is a tap room and restaurant near Taylor, Ne. Located in the middle of the Sandhills and right down the road from the Calamus Reservoir, this brewery boasts the largest beer garden in the state...maybe the Midwest? There are cabins available, so put this this spot on the top of your list for your next beercation.

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Scratchtown BREWING

"We both agreed, Omaha was right for having a specialty brewery.

 PHIL DOERR, Brewer/Owner 

Charlie Yin visits Farnam House Brewing Company to learn about their story. Located in a section of town that has been dubbed Omaha's Beer District, Farnam House features some really delicious and interesting beers in a unique environment.

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"Who are these hillbillies out there, you know, building their little millennium falcon of a brewery? Do you know what I mean? It doesn’t look like much but is the fastest ship the galaxy, right?

 CALEB POLLARD, Brewer/Owner 

Caleb Pollard, President of Scratchtown Brewing Company sits down with Charlie Yin on a busy Saturday morning in Ord, NE and talks all things beer and rural economic development.

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